Kenneth Mead
UX Designer and Current Student of Human-Computer Interaction at UC Irvine
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Tableau Dashboard Design

I designed interactive data dashboards for a client to pull insights from Finance and Operations data.

Tableau Dashboard Design

I designed interactive data dashboards for Nyhus Communications, a Seattle PR company, with Tableau software, helping them uncover insights and make data-driven decisions in their business strategy.

August 2014 -Present

The Problem

Image credit: Nyhus Communications

Nyhus had lots of time entry data in their relational database which included data such as hours spent on client work, and revenue generated. But the data was not easy to access, and required a new report to be run every time a Nyhus staff member had questions. The goal was to create an easy-to-use and easy to maintain visual dashboard that enabled staff members to quickly ask and answer their own finance and operations related question.


I served as the Tableau Dashboard Designer for this project. I was responsible for translating business questions into interactive Tableau dashboards and iterating to make them user friendly to the internal staff at Nyhus Communications

My roles:

  • Designing dashboards in Tableau Desktop and Tableau server
  • Presenting solutions to clients and working with them to iterate the dashboards
  • Data mining/ scraping using queries in Python
  • SQL queries and data blending
  • Data preparation and cleaning in Excel
  • Designing wireframe mock-up and iteration in Balsalmiq mockups

Work Examples


This dashboard gave Nyhus employees the ability to see where their time went during the week. The target utilization rate is the goal for the percentage of time that was spent on billable vs non-billable work.

This is a personal dashboard that answers:

  • How much time did I spend on a client project last week?
  • How much time did I spend on billable hours vs. non-billable hours? (utilization rate)
  • Am I spending the right amount of time on a given project?

This is a managerial dashboard that answers:

  • How many hours did an employee work in a given time period?
  • On which projects did an employee spend his or her time?
  • Which clients are bringing in the most revenue?
  • How much of the revenue is an employee responsible for bringing in?

This dashboard answers:

  • How many hours did I work with a client? How is it changing over time?
  • What specific client or internal work did I do on a given day? 


  • Management was able to delegate projects better amongst their consultants to increase billable work time.
  • Nyhus staff were given more autonomy in scheduling their appointments in any way that would fulfill their target billable hours per week.
  • Account managers could see at a glance which client accounts were most valuable, and which were the least. Seeing trends in hours billed week over week was also a helpful indicator of the health of an account and allowed for proactive action.

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